God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
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Let it be remembered that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Almighty God Himself. Only God is worthy of worship. Read II Samuel 7; Psalm 89; Jeremiah 33:17; Psalm 72 and dozens of other Scriptures concerning this man, who is a direct descendant of King David - in his blood line and from his loins. R. Paulaseer Lawrie is the man appointed and anointed by God to fulfill these great promises of God given by all the Prophets as “Thus saith the Lord”.

Of what other person in the history of mankind has it ever been said that flames of fire emitted from his eyes, either in the Bible or in secular history? The references above definitely point to the one so often spoken of as the physical offspring of David, the coming great ruler of the whole world for all Eternity.

The fact that God has chosen a non-white man to be the great coming ruler of the world is a clear indication of how He feels toward those who harbour racial and colour prejudice.
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Brother Lawrence Daniel Dale, U.S.A
God has come down-means simply that the Lord Jesus Christ has returned to the earth again in this present generation in the bodily form of a man, His purpose being to call and gather a group of people for rapture, called the Bride of Christ. Hallelujah!

The biography of Brother Lawrie explains fully and in detail many things of great interest to those desiring to familiarize themselves with the eminence of this man whom God has sent. Having been acquainted with Brother Lawrie personally for many years might qualify me, but only vaguely, in rendering to the reader a few thoughts and impressions of my own concerning Brother Lawrie - the Man, the Son of Man, and the Son of God!

Facts concerning Bro. Lawrie’s birth, life and ministry, parallel accurately Bible prophecy evidencing even the likeness of Jesus Christ during His ministry of the first Advent or Coming on earth. It is an indisputable fact that no theory or personal opinion can thwart the truth concerning the present day ministry of Lawrie of Nazareth any more than it could in the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth……….
Dr. Manley Ottis Dobbins Jr., U.S.A
Many of you in Germany may have heard (by press, broadcast and television) in the spring of the year 1971 - about this move - how a group of people most of them well-fixed, have literally forsaken all and sold their properties and buildings to follow the unseen move of the Spirit of God and came to India. That happened like in the days when Jesus Christ was born, when the wise men left the East and shepherds the fields and by particular spiritual leading were pointed to the birth and the native place of the promised Messiah.

Not one of them was called by Bro. Lawrie but were pulled by God's Spirit, through visions, dreams and so on. Many amongst them never knew Bro. Lawrie before, but they saw visions of Jesus in the form of Bro. Lawrie. Some people heard even particular voices in a supernatural way.
Brother. Manfred Mengel, Germany
It seemed all too simple when I was asked to give a pen picture of Brother Lawrie. As I had been in close contact with him for so many years, I thought I knew him well to dash off a few thousand words. Only when I sat down with my pen poised to write, that I realized that I don't know this man well-enough! This came to me as a rude shock. Pondering over it, I concluded that Bro. Lawrie must be the most controversial figure on earth, hence the least understood or most understood.
Bro. J.W. Arulanandham
(Retd. Deputy Secretary, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, India)
In1966 I found the Lord Jesus Christ in my life in the mighty ministry of Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie at Chennai. Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie was a man of God who stood alone on the Word of God with tremendous faith amidst great oppositions from the denominational churches.  He did a mighty ministry vindicated by signs, wonders and miracles.

In 1969, when I heard about the great revelation and experience Bro. Lawrie had of God coming down into him on the first Moon-landing day, I found it to be Word oriented and was convinced of its veracity.  Believing it wholeheartedly, I surrendered my life to God for doing full-time ministry.

Thereafter I became an inmate of Manujothi Ashram, and underwent the training imparted by Bro. Lawrie for ten years until 1979. Presently by the great mercies of God I am doing the Lord's work in conjunction with Lawrie ministries and Bro. Deva Evu Lawrie. Though the ministry of Bro. Lawrie has been disapproved and disallowed of men, it is chosen of God to be a precious living stone for us (I Peter 2: 4-8) and also a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence for the disobedient ones..

This Biography of Brother Lawrie will greatly help the reader to attain a peak spiritual experience and also teach an individual to stand alone on the Word of God in faith without any denominational support.  I also know that his life history would help the Bride of Christ to meet the Lord on the Word of God and attain immortality without tasting death when the time arrives.
Pastor  A. Vincent Jayakumar
In spite of the tremendous scientific and intellectual advance of the world, the hour of no faith arrived, when on July 20, 1969, God came down and tabernacled in the body of a man to lead His Bride in rapture, and that happened to be the Moon-landing day. Since that time, the message of God coming down on Bro. R. P. Lawrie, whom God has chosen for that purpose, was exposed to the world.

Though the Church was preaching the second coming of Christ from the beginning, and expecting the event to happen at any moment, yet the manner in which this secret coming took place has taken everyone by surprise. Dreamers and visionaries, who thought that they were the favoured ones in the sight of God, were disappointed and began to discredit this new revelation of God, and from time to time have hurled upon Bro. Lawrie and his associates various questions and challenges.
Rev. V. Jothipackiam B.D.
( Ex-Pastor, Church of South India )