God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
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All Praise, Glory, Honour and Power to Christ Jesus, our Lord, Saviour, Redeemer and King of Kings forever and ever, Amen.

Beloved Brethren in the Love of Christ Jesus, one thing I ask of you all is to ask God that you may receive a tiny spark of revelation from the Lord to understand the greatest mystery of God, revealed in this generation. You may wonder what mystery that could be?

If you are acquainted with the Word of God, it should not be a wonder, for the scripture says "CHRIST" is the mystery of God (I Timothy 3: 16, Revelation 10: 7). And that mystery is revealed now in this generation. It is in fact the Truth. "He that hath an ear let him hear”. “Whoso readeth let him understand”.

Christ is still a mystery to all those who do not have spiritual insight. Most of the Christians in the world claim that they are the Bride of Christ without having the revelation of this all important mystery. How then would they identify and find Christ who is revealed as the Son of Man and His ministry in this generation?

God lives forever and He works even to this present generation to keep His word as He had promised to our father Abraham and King David in a special manner. As mentioned in Malachi 4:5-6, God sent a messenger called William Branham to the world these days to prepare the way for His Second Coming. This messenger had introduced that Great Person into whom the Lord Himself descended in fullness.

“How could that be?” is the question in the minds of many who come to hear of it now.  It is possible because John the Baptist, a man in flesh introduced Jesus Christ the man as the Word in flesh in the First Coming. If God has not changed His pattern so far, the same thing will repeat again for His Second Coming too. So do not marvel at this but watch and pray to face the greater things to happen.

If that is the pattern of God, then who are we to question with His works?  Many do not like the works of God, may be, because His works are so simple. Also for them, it is bitter and hard to digest because it is not what they had expected to happen and not according to their taste. The men of God have to preach the truth for they are appointed for that purpose.

To day, we want to show you how that mystery is revealed in a Chosen Man of God, whose name is R. Paulaseer Lawrie, the Son of Man. Our precious Brother Deva-Evu Lawrie has been led by the Lord to present the miraculous Biography of that Great Royal Seed from the loin of King David (Psalm 89: 3-4, 18-37, 2 Sam 7:12-14) to this world at this closing hour, after a great struggle.

Beloved Readers of this Biography, this may be another or a last chance for you to understand the greatest mystery of God (Revelation 10: 7). Therefore please do sit and counsel with God to know your position in the Eternal plan of God before it is too late. The time is really short. This Ministry and Message will challenge all the religions of the world and most of all the present day so-called Christianity which has been polluted by the discordant and conflicting opinions from the minds of men.

This Website www.lawrieministries.net comes by the power of God and is going to be the witness for the modern electronic generation when they would have missed all the promises of God. At the same time, the chosen ones will be united for the transformation. Therefore I ask of you to understand His voice and obey Him for "His sheep will hear His Voice". Amen
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