God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
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All glory and honour and power be unto Christ Jesus, our Lord God Almighty.  I am happy that the Life and Experiences of our most beloved Brother R. Paulaseer Lawrie is hosted on the website www.lawrieministries.net <http://www.lawrieministries.net>. Bro. L.D. Dale of U.S.A. had already written the biography of Bro. Lawrie in a book titled "The Lightning From The East".  His daughter Sister Susanna Nivedita Baker had improved upon it and updated it in a revised edition later.

However, the Biography is again given by Bro. Deva-Evu Manujothi Lawrie the eldest son of Bro. R.P. Lawrie to be hosted on the website.  It is titled as “Tree Of Life”. Next to Brother and Sister Lawrie, he is the senior-most in the ministry and has been an eyewitness to all the important incidents and events in this ministry which was foreordained by the Lord God Himself.

According to the Divine Promises given to our forefathers Abraham and King David, Christ is expected to come back in the last days and reveal himself as the Son of Man and Son of David.  In these last days, Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie has the ministry and message fulfilling the Scriptures concerning the Second Coming of Christ as foretold by the Prophets of old and the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

This Ministry is that “Great Stone” cut without hands becoming a great mountain that is to fill the earth. This great Kingdom which God will set up will never be destroyed. It will smite the image of iron, brass, clay, silver and the gold. This Kingdom shall not be left to other people but will consume all the nations of the world (Daniel 2).

This Website Edition of the biography of Brother Lawrie explains fully and in detail many things of great interest to those desiring to familiarize themselves with the eminence of this man whom God had sent to fulfill and finish the Mystery of God uttered by the Seven Unwritten Thunders.

Apart from what is already given in the book, more incidents in the ministry are given from the beginning until the unexpected departure of Bro. Lawrie on February 24, 1989. It was a great shock for the believers and they could not understand this or know where to place it in the Scripture.

But this incident and the subsequent events have been written by Deva-Evu Lawrie in a Scriptural perspective.  He has also written elaborately about the happenings thereafter and also what is to take place in a simple manner backed up by Scriptural Types, Shadows, Patterns, History and Geography.

He has resolute determination about the Word of God being preached and practiced without having its meaning changed or altered in anyway no matter what happens or whether anyone accepts it or not (Revelation 22: 18-19).  For this cause, he had borne patiently all the temptations, sufferings, pains, slander, contempt and all manner of losses right from the beginning.

He has been searching the Scriptures and studying the Bible History and also had been trying to compare and show how the history of God's people and the Bible corresponds to and coincides with the histories of the Nations that ruled over Israel and thus establishing the Truth of the Scriptures.

When the majority in the ministry has not been true to the Word of God taken in a wholesome manner, he was pained much and had been looking for people who would be true to the Written, Spoken and Living Word of God manifest put together. We understand that the Spoken, Written and Living Word of God manifest do not contradict each other.

He has also been studying the Messages of Bro. William Branham and other inspired writings together with the present day revelations regarding the Coming of Christ and preaching them in proper order.  This Biography prepared by Bro. Deva-Evu Lawrie is a boon to mankind living in the present day and also in the future.

The four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John respectively explain the good news of the First Coming of Christ and what He did to save mankind from Sin, Sickness, Curses and the Clutches of the devil and so on. Apart from that we read about the signs, miracles and wonders done in His earthly ministry and also the deep things He had been teaching His disciples.

Similarly this Biography has put forth the Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Supernatural happenings, and the fulfillment of the mysteries of the Bible taken place in the Life and Ministry of the Chosen Son of God (Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie) foreordained according to the promises of the Unchanging God and revealed today for the Second Coming of Christ for the Rapture of the Saints.

Hailing from a Hindu family, I became an atheist early in my teens.  When Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie prayed for me, I received the Peace of God.  It was he who made me read and study the Bible together with the Message of Prophet William Branham deeply which resulted in my understanding the end-time revelations and recognizing Christ the Son of David.

Therefore I do sincerely believe without an iota of doubt that this Biography of the Life and Ministry of Bro. Lawrie would serve as Good News these days and the days to come when the Saints shall rule the World. May the reader be blessed by this True Story.  God bless you all. Amen.
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Brother C. Andrews Ramakrishnan
A True Believer of the Word