God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
Lawrie Ministries
(John 1: 4-9)
Dearly Beloved In Christ Jesus,

When we read the Gospels we find that many a Supernatural thing had taken place at the time of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ from about the time of their births until the ascension of Jesus Christ in the
First Coming. These are days when the Christians all over the world are waiting for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take His Bride in the Rapture which is expected to take place in our generation. We all know that there are three Comings of Christ to the Earth. Third time He comes with His Bride to rule in the Millennium.

In this generation too, many Supernatural incidents have occurred to which most of the Christians are oblivious. The Great Light of God has been appearing in this generation too in order to fulfill the things concerning the Second Coming of Christ. In the First Coming of Christ, the Jews were waiting for the Messiah. The Messiah
did come fulfilling all the Scriptures concerning Him. But the Jews were blind and missed Him a million miles.

Today, will the Christians all over the world understand the Second Coming of Christ? Are the present day Christians blind to the fulfillment of the Scriptures? Or have they missed the Coming of Christ as the Jews did 2000 years back? I leave it to the discretion of the readers to ponder sincerely over the things given herein and judge for themselves according to the Scriptures and decide their course of action in the future.
The Mysterious Great Light
The Great Light of God which was manifesting in the ministry of John the Baptist, has been manifesting again in our generation in the ministry of one William Branham of United States of America, whom the Light identified as the forerunner to the Second coming of Christ and as the Messenger to the Seventh (Last) Church age and also as Elijah? (John 1: 4-9, Malachi 4: 5-6, Revelation 10: 7). All those who are acquainted with the messages and teachings of Bro. William Branham understand that he was a great man of God with a Prophetic Ministry to turn the people back to the Word and to prepare the way for the Lord just like John the Baptist did.

Many of us are aware of the fact that a Supernatural light was photographed above the head of Bro. Branham. There have been incidents of the Supernatural Light appearing in his life and the ministry which Bro. Branham calls as the Pillar of Fire. According to him, It is the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel in the wilderness. It appeared at his birth. It appeared before about 4000 people during a baptismal service.

The Great Light had been photographed in his meetings too. The Pillar of Fire had even drawn the chart of the "Seven Church Ages" study on the wall exactly as drawn by Bro. Branham on the black-board (reminds us of the handwriting on the wall). It also appeared as Tongues of Fire around the pulpit when William Branham was preaching. It is also expected to play a vital role in the Tent Vision of Bro. Branham to consummate the Second Coming of Christ and reveal the
New Name of the Lord in Power.

Many of the followers of the Message of Bro. William Branham try to show the people the picture of this Supernatural Light photographed above the head of Bro. Branham. They try to show to others that this Light is something special as though it is a great phenomenon meant just as a show-piece to impress the people. But how many people know the real Truth about this Light?

Is It just a Show-piece? If not, what is It? Is It a Show-piece or a
Person? Does It find Its place in the Holy Scriptures? Does It have any significance to the Second Coming of Christ? Who is the Angel of the Lord that appeared out of that Light? What relationship does He have with God? What is the significance of that Great Light? These are the questions lingering in the minds of the people of God.

In this message, I have tried to highlight certain incidents in which the Great Light appeared in the Life of Bro. Branham. With the help of the Scriptures I have tried to point out its significance which has a great value to those thirsting souls who are eager to be partakers of the Second Coming of Christ known as the Rapture. Let us now move on to those incidents.
William Marrion Branham And The Light
The Great Light of God was moving in the life and ministry William Marrion Branham from the time of his birth and identified him as the Elijah of Malachi 4, The Messenger to the Last Church Age and also as the Forerunner to the Second Coming of Christ. Let us look into some of those incidents connected with this Light.

William Branham was born to Irish parents on April 6, 1909 in Kentucky, U.S.A. On the day that he was born, there was a strange
Aura, a Presence in the rustic little log cabin. A Light (the Light you see in the attached picture) came whirling in through the window and hung over the crib (child’s bed). Those who saw this wondered what manner of child he would be.

When he was about three (3) years old, he started hearing a Great
Deep Voice speaking to him. The voice told him that he would live near a city called New Albany, Indiana. According to what the Voice told him, soon enough, the family moved from Kentuckyto Indianajust a few miles from New Albany . He could see visions even from his childhood.

One day he sank down by a tree, and, as if in a trance, he saw the vision of a large span rise up and cross the river, and watched while a number of people fell off into the river and drowned. Coming to himself, he ran and told his mother, and again she concluded that he was just a nervous child. Twenty-two years from that time, the Municipal Bridgewas erected across the Ohio River, and that same number of workmen was drowned, falling off the bridge.

You see, these things did not come about by prayer or desire, but were foreordained in the divine will of God. We understand that a
Prophet is different from one who just has a gift of prophecy. Prophet Samuel and King Saul would be good examples to show the difference respectively.

At the age of seven (7), when William Branham was passing under a tree, he heard a noise like a
Whirlwind (whoosh, whoosh) which stirred the leaves of a part of the tree. An audible Voice spoke and said "Don't ever smoke, drink or defile your body in any way. There'll be a work for you to do when you get older". He could not understand this mysterious event. But whenever he was forced under circumstances to smoke or to drink etc., the sound of the Whirlwind would warn him and he would keep away. God knows how to preserve and protect his chosen men.

Even astrologers had told him he was born for a divine purpose. One day when he was walking with his cousins, a young lady astrologer called him aside and told him that he was born under a sign with a Gift and that a
Light was following him. Another day when he was on a bus, a woman astrologer told him that he was born under a sign and that she saw a Star above him. She even told him the exact date and hour of his birth. She had quoted even from the Bible that the astrologers (wise men) could know the birth of Jesus Christ by gazing at the stars.

The death of his brother Edward made him to draw closer towards God. One night he became so hungry for God and a real experience that he went to the old shed back of the house and tried to pray. Not knowing how to pray, he began to talk to Him like he would to any one else. All at once there came a Light in the shed and it formed a Cross and the Voice from the Cross spoke to him in a language he could not understand. It then went away leaving him spellbound.

He prayed to the Lord to come back and talk to him again and It appeared again. In September 1928 he found out the Lord Jesus Christ and His Saving Grace in his life. He felt that there had been thousands of pounds lifted from his soul. From then on his motto in life became "Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever". Subsequently William Branham became a Baptist Minister.

On June 11, 1933, William Branham was conducting a baptismal service after an Open-Air Gospel meeting on the shores of the Ohio River, Jeffersonville , Indiana , U.S.A. About 4000 people had gathered for this service. As he was about to Baptize the seventeenth convert he heard
"A Voice" saying, "Look Up!" Looking up, William Branham saw a strange Light, like a star, whirling down toward him, coming to a stop just above him.

The witnesses standing on the bank of the River were over-whelmed by this unexplainable phenomenon. Some ran for fear; others fell to their knees and worshipped. Many pondered the meaning of this remarkable occurrence. The "Voice" spoke to William Branham from the Light saying: "As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the First Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are sent forth with the message to forerun His Second Coming."

This was the commission given to William Branham.
"What was the significance or meaning of that Light?" was the question in everybody's mind. There should be still some who had witnessed this incident, living today.

After this, William Branham first encountered Pentecostal People and the Gifts of the Spirit when he came upon a Camp-meeting. He had noticed that there were people there from many different States. It was here that he first saw the Gifts of the Spirit manifested. They seemed very happy and free. When they sang songs they clapped their hands and sang.

Even though it was entirely new to his Baptist background he felt at home with them. He had ways opened among the Pentecostals. But the Pentecostals are always stuck with the doctrine of the Tongues and they consider the Tongues as the only sign of the Holy Ghost.

When William Branham narrated to the Pentecostals the incidents regarding the Voice, Whirlwind, Visions and the Light, they took it lightly. (You can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things - this is what the Lord explained to William Branham later).

The Pentecostals even went to the extent of saying that these things were of the devil. This really bothered him very much since he did not want to have anything to do with the devil. At last he decided to find out all the truth about these phenomena by approaching the Lord God directly.

William Branham was also a game warden in the forestry in the State of Indiana, U.S.A. There was a little old cabin far away from habitation in the forest. William Branham bid good-bye to his wife and child and went to that secret place to pray and read the Bible. He had determined not to return until he had the answer from God.

He had even warned his wife that he might never return. He was deep in prayer and it seemed that his whole soul would tear from him. He cried before God, laid his face to the ground and looked up to God asking God to speak to him someway. He waited on the Lord the whole afternoon.
Angel Of The Lord Appears
Then along in the night, at about the eleventh hour, he had quit praying and was sitting up when he noticed a Light flickering in the room. Thinking someone was coming with a flashlight, he looked out of the window, but there was no one, and when he looked back, the Light was spreading out on the floor, becoming wider. Now this seemed very strange to him and he was startled. As the light was spreading, he looked up and there hung that Great Star. However, it did not have five points like a star, but looked more like a ball of fire or light shining down upon the floor.

Just then he heard someone walking across the floor, which startled him again, as he knew of no one who would be coming there besides himself. Now,
coming through the light, he saw the feet of a man coming toward him, as naturally as one would walk to him. He appeared to be a man with a stature of 5½ feet (168cms) who, in human weight, would weigh about two hundred pounds (about 90 Kg), clothed in a white robe. He had a smooth face, no beard, and dark hair down to his shoulders, rather dark-complexioned (swarthy), with a very pleasant countenance, and coming closer, His eyes caught with him. He had his hands folded.

William Branham had seen It in a whirlwind, he had heard It talk to him, he had seen It in the form of a Light, but it was the
First Time he saw the Image of It. It walked up to him, real close. It was May 7, 1946. He thought his heart would fail. Even after several visitations thereafter from this Angel of the Lord, William Branham felt paralyzed when He came near and he could not find words to express how he felt. In other words, He appeared majestic as A Man of Great Authority who commanded Reverence and Respect.

He spoke with a real
Deep Voice and said, “Do not fear, I am sent from the presence of the Almighty God". William Branham recognized and knew the voice as the same Deep Voice that spoke to him from when he was three years old, all the way up. He told him many things regarding his ministry and that He would be with him wherever he went.

About the Healing ministry, He said, “If you will be sincere and can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before you, not even cancer." He also said that William Branham would be able to discern the thoughts of the people.
Later William Branham was to forerun the Coming and the Ministry of this Great Person and introduce Him to the world in this generation.

In William Branham's own words, "Words cannot express how I felt. He told me many things which I do not have space to record here. He told me how I would be able to detect diseases by vibrations on my hand. He went away,
but I have seen him several times since then. He has appeared to me perhaps once or twice within the space of six months and has spoken with me. A few times he has appeared visibly in the presence of others. I do not know who he is. I only know that he is the messenger of God to me." He also said, “It is not Angel worship. I do not pray in the name of the Angel, or even know His name." (Judges 13: 6).

After this visitation,
The Angel stepped into the Light again that began to come around and around and around His feet, went up into the Light and went out of the building. William Branham returned home a new person. Subsequently many healings and miracles started taking place in his revival ministry. Indeed the Presence of that Angel from the Presence of God has been felt around the world. The effects of that Ministry shook the Church to discover its very foundations.

Later the Mysteries of the
Book of Redemption, sealed with Seven Seals were revealed to him to be given to the Bride of Christ to awaken her for the Second Coming of Christ and to introduce the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5: 1-5, 10: 1-7, Matthew 25: 6-7). John the Baptist had introduced the Lamb of God in the First Coming (John 1: 29). Prophet William Branham claimed that he had introduced a Great Person as Christ The Word who came to him and met him in the water just like John the Baptist introduced into the world, Jesus Christ who came to him and met him in the water.

Out of the
same Light, Bro. Branham had seen the appearance of Jesus Christ too which was different from the appearance of the Angel of the Lord. He was said to be about 5½ feet (168cms) tall, weighing about 130 pounds (60kgs) peaceful looking and His face exhibiting Grace and Mercy.

In the very words of William Branham, "He (Jesus) had a white garment on, little Man, had His arms folded like this, a beard kind of short, hair down to His shoulders; and He was looking sideways from me, like that: peaceful-looking Figure. But I couldn't understand how His feet, one just behind the other, and the wind blowing, His robe moving, sage blowing...........There's not an artist in the world that could paint His picture, the character of His face. The best I've ever seen was that Hofmann's Head of Christ at Thirty-three......He looked like a Man, if He'd speak the world would come to an end, and yet with so much love and kindness."

In the
First Coming, He was the Lamb. In the Second Coming, He comes as a Lion. Between the Lamb and the Lion, there are many differences in appearance and characteristics. Until the breaking of the Seven Seals, He appears as the Lamb. After the breaking of the Seals, when He comes down with the Open Book as the Mighty Angel, He cries with a loud voice as of a roaring lion (Rev.5: 5-7, 6:1, 10: 1-7). The dead will rise hearing His Voice.
The Angel And The Pillar Of Fire
About the Pillar of Fire that was photographed above his head, Bro. Branham said, "It is the same Angel of God that followed the children of Israel from Egypt to Palestine. That was the Angel of the Covenant, none other than our Lord Jesus Christ, before He was made flesh and come in the womb of Mary. It was Christ. When here on earth manifested in flesh, He did not claim to be a great person. He said, the Son can do nothing other than what the Father showed Him. He never took credit for healing anybody. Jesus said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me."

He also claims It as a Light, the same Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire; the same One that lived on earth in the body of Jesus Christ which is come upon His people in the last day, where science has taken the picture of It.

EXODUS 23:20-23

20 Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.

21 Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name [is] in him.

22 But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.

EXODUS 13:21-22

21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

22 He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, [from] before the people.

It was God's Angel that did the work, performed the miracles. Moses was just a mouthpiece for the Angel of the Lord. The Angel of the Lord is a Messenger from the Lord, and He is the very Lord Himself in that Person. He was the Angel of the Covenant, none other than Jesus Christ Himself, before He was made flesh and come in the womb of Mary. It was Christ, the Logos that went out of God.

The Angel of the Lord appeared to Abraham, to Hagar, to Moses, to Joshua, to Gideon, to David, to Manoah and his wife (Judges 13: 1-24) and to the prophets. Manoah’s wife even claimed that the countenance of the Angel of the Lord was very terrible (Judges 13: 6, 19-22). He was Melchisedec that met Abraham, many, many, hundred years before there: had no father, no mother, no beginning of days or ending of years (Hebrews 7: 1-4).

In the New Testament too, The Angel of The Lord appeared to
Zachariah, Shepherds, To the Apostles, Philip, Peter, and John the Revelator. They were not mere visions but were an actual appearing of an angelic being. He is also rightly mentioned as The Angel of Light whom Satan tries to impersonate (II Corinthians 11: 13-15).

When the shepherds watched their flock by night, The Angel of the Lord came upon them and the Glory of the Lord shone round about them. They were the first ones to get the news about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. When a lamb is born, only the shepherds come to know first.

When the Apostles were put in the common prison, the Angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought them out. (Acts 5: 17-23). When Peter was in prison, a Light shined in the prison and the Angel of the Lord emerged. He raised up Peter from his sleep, loosened him from his shackles and brought him out of the prison (Acts 12: 3-11, 18-19).

When Philip was having a revival at Samaria, The Angel of the Lord spoke to him and told him to go to the desert Gaza There he met an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians and converted him to Christ (Acts 8: 26-39).

When Paul was on a shipwreck fourteen days and nights without the sun, moon or the stars, he was waiting on the Lord. He came back and said, “Be of good courage, for the Angel of the Lord, Whose servant I am, has appeared to me."

The entire Book of Revelation was written by the witness of an Angel to John the Apostle (Revelation 1: 1). John fell down to worship the Angel. He said,
"See that you do it not; I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God." (Revelation 22: 8-9). All Worship and Praise and Prayers should go to the Throne of God to the Unseen God. When God sends His Angel, it is the Theophany form of the Unseen God.

Comparing verses 6 and 16 of Revelation 22, we understand that Jesus Christ became one with the Unseen God.

"Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done." (Revelation 22: 6).

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches." (Revelation 22: 16).

Jesus Christ, when He was on earth, He was not an object of worship. All his prayers were lifted up to the unseen God, the Father (Jehovah). He taught His disciples to pray to the Father in heaven (Matthew 6: 9, Luke 11: 2). He always gave the glory to the Unseen God the Father (Matthew 19: 16-17)).

When he conquered death and hell and ascended up to heaven, He became one with the Unseen God the Father whose name changed from Jehovah to the New Name, Jesus (John 14: 12-14, 16: 16,19-28). Jesus could now say,
I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.” (Revelation 22: 16).

Even Apostle Peter shows the difference in his declarations. When Jesus Christ was on earth, he called Him "Christ, the Son of the Living God" (Matthew 16: 15-20). After the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, he calls Him "God and Saviour Jesus Christ (II Peter 1: 1)".
Is This Light A Person ?
From what we have seen already, we can safely conclude that this mystic Light is not just a show-piece Light, but it is a person or that it represents a person. Let us very carefully examine some Scriptural examples.

1. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in a Flame of Fire out of the midst of a bush. The bush seemed to be burning with fire but it was not consumed. Now Moses wanted to find out why the bush was not burnt. Then he heard Someone calling out to him from the Burning Bush. He said He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that He had come down hearing the cry of the Children of Israel in Egypt.

He also said that He was sending Moses to deliver the children of Israel. He promised that He would be with Moses. He then went on to reveal His Name as Jehovah (Exodus 3: 2-12, 6: 2-3, Acts 7: 33-34). In other words He seemed to say, “All these days or hitherto I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by the Name of God Almighty. But from now on my Name would be Jehovah."

2. Coming to the New Testament, we find Apostle Paul before conversion going towards Damascus. Suddenly there shined round about him a Light from heaven and struck him down to the earth and almost put out his eyes. There was Someone in the Light speaking to him saying, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest me thou?” Saul as an ardent follower of Jehovah probably recognized the voice as the voice of Jehovah. He was sure he was not persecuting Jehovah or His followers. He thought he was persecuting only the Christians who were the renegades according to him.

With these thoughts in mind, he asked, "Who art thou, Lord?" In other words, he asked, “Lord, what is your Name?" And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest." In other words He seemed to be saying, “All these days or hitherto I was known as Jehovah. But from now on I am Jesus." (Acts 9: 1-9).

3. When Apostle Peter was in prison, a Light shined in the prison and The Angel of the Lord emerged from the Light. He took Peter out of the prison a free man (Acts 12: 7-10).

Who Is That Light?

Now let us analyze John 1:1-10 very carefully to find out who the Light is.
1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2. The same was in the beginning with God.
3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
6. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
7. The Same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.
8. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.
9. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
10. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
John the Baptist had the Manifestations of that Great Light in his ministry. John came to bear witness of the Light but he was not that Light (John 1:6-11). If John was not that Light who was it? We all know that it was Jesus whom John introduced as the Lamb of God (John 8: 12, 9: 5. 12: 46). John saw the Light coming down spread out like a dove and uniting with Jesus and remaining in Him. It was then that Jesus became Christ, the Anointed one (John 1: 29-34). He was prepared of God for 30 years for this Great Event.

Similarly, let us apply it to our days. There were Mighty Manifestations and appearances of that Light in the ministry of William Branham. He came to bear witness of That Same Light. But William Branham was Not that Light (John 1: 6-8). He was sent to bear witness of that Light. Many of the followers of Bro. Branham say many things, as they like. Some of them even claim Bro. William Branham to be Christ just as some people in Jesus’ days mistook John the Baptist for Christ which claim was denied outright by Bro. Branham (John 1:19-20,25, 3: 27-28).

If William
Branham was not that Light, then who is that Light in the Second Coming? Who is the chosen person into whom Jesus the Light descends and unites with? Whom did he introduce to the world to be the Word In Flesh or Christ in this Generation? The answer to this question is vitally important to the true people of God.

Bro. Branham even claimed strongly that the
Word of God came to the prophet and met him in the water in this generation just as Jesus the Word met John the Baptist in the water. He even had his picture taken with Him. Have you seen the photograph of Bro. Branham with the Dark (Swarthy) Man from the East in a close hug?
The Swarthy Man From The East
God raised up a man called R.Paulaseer Lawrie in the East from the southern part of the country of India. This is the region where Apostle Thomas had walked thousands of miles and ministered the Gospel nearly 2000 years ago. The disciples of Jesus Christ went mostly to the lost sheep of the house of Israel scattered throughout as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself (Matt. 10: 6, 15: 24, I Peter 1: 1-2). Apostle Thomas came to the southern part of India. He was martyred and buried at the city of Chennai (Madras).

This is the region where the Lord prepared Paulaseer Lawrie for several years in the ministry of God's Power and
Faith Life (Matthew 24: 27, Isaiah 41: 2, 46: 9-11). To write about his life and experiences in Faith Life and Ministry would take volumes. But I have just mentioned here some of the incidents that were turning points.

Born to Christian parents on February 24, 1921, Paulaseer Lawrie was brought up in the fear of God in a Christian village called
Nazareth in the southern part of India. As he grew up he lost interest in Christianity seeing the formal religion and the improper conduct of certain members of the clergy.

When he was in the University, he was involved in the Freedom Struggle when India was under the British Rule and he became a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He was ready to die for the country too when the British Government issued shoot-at-sight orders against him.

Following the advice of his mother and friends, he went to Sri Lanka for a short period where his father was working. As he was preparing himself for his political career, he was approached by the communists who insisted that he join them. But Paulaseer Lawrie refused since he said he believed in a God. They challenged him to find his God and set a deadline.

Paulaseer Lawrie took this seriously and started desperately seeking God to find out the true Living God. He started studying the Books of all Religions such as the Bhagavad-Gita, Quran and the Holy Bible. He also studied the teachings of Buddha, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda and Confucius etc. He attempted to practice Yoga and Meditation too. Still he could not find Peace in his life. As the deadline approached, he sat under a tea-bush and asked God to show Himself to him and speak to him as otherwise he would have to preach that God did not exist.

That was when the Light of God appeared and touched him and convicted him of his sins. He could see all his sins before him like a movie and he asked the Lord to forgive his sins. Finally he saw the vision of Jesus Christ on the Cross from that Light. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him. This happened in 1943. He had found his God and the Peace of God came into his heart and he subsequently experienced the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In 1953 he was dying of Diphtheria and was placed in the isolation ward in the hospital. In the night he felt himself leaving his body and he saw his lifeless form lying on the bed as he stood in the room. Jesus Christ appeared to him directly, put his hand on his shoulder and told him to leave his job and do full-time ministry depending on Him alone. He also said He had blessed his right hand and that He would supply all his needs.

When he returned to life, Paulaseer Lawrie found himself healed immediately to the surprise of the doctors who expected him to die before the next day. He left his lucrative job and went back to his native village Nazareth with his wife Ebenezer Lawrie and three children to do fulltime ministry. He had determined never to ask anyone for his needs.

As he was ministering around Nazareth, all his money and savings were spent in about two years and he was left with nothing. Giving some liquid diet to the children, he and his wife were starving for 14 days without food. That was when his wife asked him if the Lord Jesus Christ had really called him to the ministry. To his answer in the affirmative she retorted, “Then why are we suffering without food like this?" God really tests His men severely before blessing and using them.

That was at about 11.00 p.m. in the night. Suddenly his third son who was three years old started singing in his sleep in a baritone voice,
"Jesus Never Fails, Jesus Never Fails, Heaven and earth shall pass away, Jesus Never Fails". He neither knew this song nor any word in English. Paulaseer Lawrie and his wife were surprised and knew now that the Holy Spirit had spoken through their son to encourage them. From then on their motto in life became "Jesus Never Fails".

The next morning when Paulaseer Lawrie was praying and meditating, he had five visions. In the fifth vision he found a limping man coming to him and inviting him for the ministry. The Voice in the vision told him to go with this lame man when invited.

According to the vision, the lame man arrived and invited him. Paulaseer Lawrie went with him for ministry and the fireworks began. Healings and miracles started taking place. Subsequently he was invited to preach in hundreds of churches. During the course of this stage in his ministry, he was led of the Spirit to undertake a total fast, drinking only plain water for 40 days which was a great blessing in the ministry.

In 1959 he was invited to Glasgow, U.K. for a Conference on Divine Healing. There he met Bro. David J. Duplessis who gave him an invitation letter to visit the United States of America. During his visit in USA, Paulaseer Lawrie visited several leading healing ministers such as T.L.Osborn, Oral Roberts and their contemporaries to study the secret of their power ministries.

All of them told him to join them respectively and
be their man in India if he wanted help from them. But Paulaseer Lawrie refused to join them and told them that he would be nobody's man but Christ's. Therefore none of them were willing to help him. He had no money for the return ticket to India and was longing for his country of India and the family after a tour of nearly one year. He also had some bitter experiences of being thrown out due to the unrestrained colour prejudice that was prevalent in those days at certain places in USA. Very much dejected and disgusted, he reached Florida.
Meeting of the East and West
At Homosassa Springs, Florida, he was desperate, not knowing what to do to return to India since he was not willing to ask any man for his needs. It was then that the Voice of God audibly spoke to him and said, “Go and meet my prophet, William Branham before leaving for India". The voice directed him to meet a family that was getting ready to visit William Branham and join them which he did. They took him to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

As they were waiting, Bro. William Branham came there and called out, "Lawrie, Come here". Bro. Lawrie was taken by surprise as there was no chance of anyone giving his name to the prophet. As Bro. Lawrie was proceeding towards the dais, Bro. Branham declared publicly,
“Here is a man who will not be satisfied with anything but God".

Bro. Branham and Bro. Lawrie were closetted together for an hour discussing doctrines and theories. Later a photograph was taken of Bro.Branham and Bro. Lawrie in a close hug. He also seems to have mentioned to Bro. Lawrie that the photograph would be useful for his future visits to United States of America.

At the service the next day, Bro. Lawrie was watching the people getting baptized. Even though Bro. Lawrie knew and understood the truth about the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he was reluctant to be baptized by a white man due to the bitter experiences he had had.

Just then the Voice of God spoke to him again and said,
“My Son, I have brought you all the way to fulfill my righteousness." The service was almost over by then. So Bro. Lawrie requested Bro. Branham to hold on and said he was ready for Baptism and got into the water to be baptized. This was in April 1960.

Bro. Branham had told Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie to leave America and get back to India immediately and foretold that the Lord would use him mightily with great signs and wonders following and that multitudes would come to the feet of Jesus Christ through him. He said his needs would be met as the Lord was with him and that
God had raised him for a great purpose. He had also mentioned that God would bring him back to America later for a greater purpose. So he returned to India with no denomination and no money, but with the assurance and faith that God was with him.

Subsequently, Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie had a Great and Mighty Miracle Ministry in India and conducted the biggest revival ever in the history of India that went on for a few years with a mighty manifestation of God's Power just as
foretold by Bro.Branham. Hundreds of Thousands of people thronged each gathering in those Mass Salvation and Healing Campaigns.
Even open grounds could not hold the crowd gathered. During the day time too, even the ones who casually passed through the grounds were healed or delivered from devil possession with no man around since the presence of God was felt so much. He never appealed for or collected any money in any of his meetings.

According to him,
The Life That Pleases God is the life that Glorifies God through voluntary dependence upon Him totally (Song of Solomon 8: 5). He would rather starve than to ask any man for his needs. The needs were always met by God miraculously.

At a certain stage of his ministry, Paulaseer Lawrie started preaching and teaching the Whole Truth of the Word and many thousands and thousands came to the Word of God leaving their denominational religion. In 1967 during his visit to the USA many ways were opened among the followers of the Branham Message. The photograph taken with William Branham played a major role for
introduction amongst the believers.
The Great Event
In 1969, Paulaseer Lawrie was invited for a visit to the United States of America. During the First Ever Moon-landing, on July 21, 1969 (IST) when all the people of the world were united as one, watching this great event of the Astronaut landing on the moon (Even President Nixon had said that there never was day like that in the history of the world when all the people of the world were united as one), The Lord Jesus gave Paulaseer Lawrie the revelation required for the Coming of Christ and came down into him at Chicago, U.S.A. This was the Word becoming Flesh for the Second Coming of Christ.

This is the Great Event for which Paulaseer Lawrie had been prepared by God for many years. He said that God had descended on the First Moon-landing day just as God descended when all the people of the earth were of one mind trying to build the Tower of Babel. He also proved it by other Types in the Bible (Genesis 11: 1-9, Exodus 3: 9-10, Acts of Apostles 7: 32-34, Genesis 18: 20-21, Matthew 17: 1-3, 24: 36-39,42,44, Mark 13: 32). A few days earlier a Mount of Transfiguration incident was reported. When Bro. Lawrie was preaching on the 23rd Psalm, flames of fire went forth from his eyes and he was transfigured.

Great Revelations concerning the
Plan of Redemption, The Preparation of the Bride of Christ, The Son of David, The Seven Unwritten Thunders, New Name and many other things hitherto unknown were revealed by Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie for the preparation of the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 19: 7-9, Romans 8: 19-24, II Corinthians 5: 1-10, I Corinthians 15: 35-55, II Samuel 7: 12-19, I Chronicles 17: 11-17, Psalm 89: 3-4, 19-20, 26-37, Revelation 5:5, 10: 1-7, 19: 11-16, 22: 6-9, 16,17,20).

There have been different stages in his ministry. Bro. William Branham too had preached that there would be a ministry to the totally lost in the last days just as Jesus was preaching to the souls in prison (I Peter 3: 18-20). Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie was involved in an unusual ministry to the Non-Christians in the final stages of his earthly ministry.
The Son of David
According to Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie, Jesus was not of the seed of David since He was born to a Virgin conceived of the Holy Ghost and not through any man. The Word of God came down and became flesh in Him. After His death and resurrection, He became the Word again and was caught up to the Throne of God.

He appeared later in the Light to Apostle Paul and in Theophany to Apostle John. We do not know Him in flesh any more for He became the Word again. At the Second Coming in the Last Days,
The Word - Jesus incarnates again as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in a Man chosen of God in the Lineage of David with a New Name to finish the Mystery of God.

Son of David is cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ and is clothed with the vesture dipped in blood which makes him Holy, Pure and Sinless for the Word of God (Jesus) to come down and incarnate in him (Revelation 5: 5, 10: 1-7, 19: 11-16). This is in accordance with the promise of God to King David that his seed would establish his throne for ever in the last days and that his seed would be made the Son of God (Word of God or First Born) and that his kingdom would be God's Kingdom itself lasting for ever (II Samuel 7: 12-19, I Chronicles 17: 11-17, Psalm 89: 3-4, 19-20, 26,27, 28-37, Revelation 21: 3-4).

People may wonder who this Son of David is into whom this Great Light descends and unites with. It was Prophet William Branham that taught that the
Messenger and Message are one. The Message always comes to the Messenger first. One cannot be a messenger and have the message coming to someone else first.

The revelation regarding the Son of David came first to Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie whereas the whole Christendom has been thinking otherwise. Applying the same principle taught by Bro. Branham we may as well conclude and know who the Son of David is.
What Next ?
Many preachers claimed that they had the follow up ministry after Bro. Branham but not one of them had any new message for the Bride of Christ. These days, most of the prophecies concerning the Coming of Christ have been fulfilled and we have come to the final stages of the ministries connected with the Coming of Christ. The next thing would be the resurrection of the dead in Christ. Only the resurrection would prove who the Anointed Christ is.

This ministry will end up with the resurrection of the dead saints and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It is Christ who brings the dead saints back to the earth for resurrection. But then it will be too late (I Thessalonians 4: 14, 15-17, I Corinthians 15: 51-53).

But as things stand today, there is going to be a
Resurrection of the dead Saints and Rapture (Catching Away) of the Bride of Christ to finish this ministry. One can rest assured that the person whose ministry brings the dead saints back is the Anointed Christ The Son of David for the Second Coming (John 5: 24-27, John 11: 25-26, I Corinthians 15: 20-28). But then it will be Too Late. There will be a Glorification of the Son of Man (John 7: 39, 12: 16,23,28, 13: 31,32, 17: 5, Revelation 12: 1-5), and the Rapture of the saints (I Thessalonians 4: 14-17).

When Jesus had finished his earthly ministry and died on the cross, he went down to the Hades (Hell) and brought the saints to the earth and opened the Paradise for them (Matthew 27: 50-54, Luke 16: 23). The thief on the cross was the first person to go directly to paradise without going to Hades or Hell (Luke 23:39-43). Thereafter, all those who died in Christ during all these 2000 years after Christ went directly to Paradise, where they are resting.

It is a Type for the Rapture in which the living saints are glorified directly without death. In the Second coming, after the earthly ministry, this Great Person who is revealed as Christ goes to Paradise and brings the dead saints back to the earth with Him. This is what we call as resurrection.
The Tent Vision And The Light
On the Pentecostal Day at the Upper Room meeting, there was the sound of the Whirlwind (whoosh) and the Pillar of Fire descended in the meeting. The disciples of Jesus Christ were filled with the Holy Ghost and received Power in the New Name Jesus in an unprecedented way.

The Old Testament Prophets had worked miracles and also had raised the dead in the Name of Jehovah. When Jesus came on the scene he did something which none had done before since the world began. He opened the eyes of one that was born blind which had never been done earlier.

In the Name of Jesus the disciples worked greater miracles than the ones in the Old Testament. They had gathered in a familiar place known as the Upper Room. The ones who had gathered in the Upper Room had known the ministry and message of John the Baptist and were with Jesus in His ministry (Acts 1: 21-22). They saw Him resurrected and also being taken up. On them the Power of God descended.

Similarly, Great Power will be manifest in the
New Name Now. Bro. William Branham talks of a great meeting where the Great Light would descend and the New Name would be revealed in Great Power. He mentions that the hour is approaching when missing limbs would be restored by the Glorious Power of the Creator which has not been done in the Old Testament or New Testament. He even tells us of people going in to a room where no one is present and coming out healed whereby the Glory goes entirely to God when the Pillar of Fire descends in that meeting. He had seen this in the Vision of a Tent-Meeting.

Great Power of God is going to descend upon the people of God who know the message and ministry of Bro. William Branham and know and partake of the ministry of the
Revealed Christ in this generation in an unprecedented manner. They will fully understand the Mystery of God by taking the whole book directly from Christ The Mighty Angel and receive Power for a ministry before the Rapture (Revelation 10: 8-11). They shall come from east and west and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob at the time of resurrection (Matthew 8: 11). The Glory of God will be revealed in them.

May the Lord God grant you to be partakers of the blessings mentioned herein and also the Glory of God that shall be revealed in us.
If you have found this message to be a blessing, kindly pass it on to your friends and loved ones.
Yours in Christ's Eternal Love
Bro. Deva Evu M. Lawrie
P.S.: The Gleanings taken from the messages of Bro. William Branham titled "Prophetic Predictions of William Branham" would confirm what I have written.
God Bless You !
Prophet with Bro. R. P. Lawrie
Prophet Branham
Bro. R.P. Lawrie