After the departure of Bro. Lawrie on February 24, 1989, many people started saying many things as they liked.  There was a coterie that started spreading that Bro. Lawrie had been caught up to the throne. There were many so called believers who fell for this gimmick.

When I made detailed enquiries among those people concerned, I found that there were no eyewitnesses, nor proofs nor any signs whatsoever regarding this so called ascension. It was done presumptuously. Most of the people did not care to check and verify those things with the Bible.

There is no Type or Shadow or Example in the Bible to show that the Ascension of Christ takes place without any eyewitnesses, proofs nor any signs or trace. The Resurrection of the saints dead in Christ should also take place before that (I Thessalonians 4: 14-18).

When Elijah was taken up Elisha saw it and received a double portion of the Spirit of Elijah (II Kings 2:1, 9-15). When Jesus ascended up to heaven, the disciples and those gathered together with them saw it with their own eyes. They received power in the name of Jesus on the Pentecostal day (Luke 24:49,Acts 1:1-11, 2:1-3,John 6:62,John 14:12,13,16: 23,24,28).

The proof of God coming down to the earth rests with His going up or Ascension (John 6:40, 41, 51, & 62, John 12:23-30). Therefore to know the Real Truth of the matter, I was waiting on the Lord for a few months in prayer.

Then the Lord showed me a vision (not a dream) concerning this in the first week of July 1989. According to the vision, the glorification of the Son of Man takes place only after the resurrection of the dead saints. I found this vision to be so real and Scriptural that it made a deep impression in my mind.  Kindly go through it carefully.

I woke up from my sleep at about 2.00 am early one morning in the first week of July 1989.  I sat up on the bed and started praying.  Suddenly I saw a vision which brought me a great surprise and happiness.  Even to this day this vision is still green in my memory.  It had a great impact upon me.  I found the vision to be perfectly Scriptural too.

In this vision, I heard a great blast that opened the earth and threw the rocks to great heights. I found human figures in white dress coming out of the earth.  In a few seconds I found hundreds of thousands standing around me.  I felt as though resurrection had taken place.  My late wife Joy came and stood next to me.  In front of me stood Bro. Lawrie appearing as old as he was at the time of his death. Near him stood a lady with her head covered (veiled). Dad shook hands with me and introduced the lady to me as so-and-so.

After the introduction, suddenly, Dad’s old face started changing fast and in a few seconds his face became so young and bright. I immediately shouted and said “Dad, your face has become so young and bright all of a sudden. Please tell me how? Please tell me the secret". Then Bro. Lawrie with a smile started explaining and when I strained my ears to hear it clearly, the vision was over. Now I have to wait until the day of resurrection to know the secret.

Therefore through this vision the Lord showed me that Christ is glorified only after the resurrection of the dead in Christ. The dead saints are now waiting in Paradise. After the earthly ministry, Christ has to go and bring the dead saints in Paradise down to the earth, which we call as resurrection (I Thess.4: 14-18).

Then Christ, the Man Child is caught up to the throne (Rev.12: 1-6, John 16:5-7, 16-24). Even the vision of Bro. Branham about Paradise confirms this truth. When I mentioned this after the demise of Bro. Lawrie, very few people with scriptural and spiritual insight agreed and understood this Truth. The rest of the people followed the majority crowd.
God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
Visions and Dreams
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1. (Vision of climbing up the rock that reached to Heaven)

“I would like to state a vision I had in the early days of my ministry before going to the States for the first time in 1960. I was leading a multitude of people with my wife and children. We walked through mountains and valleys, through stones and thorns, through rivers and sand, through rain and sun; and thousands of men and women were rejoicing and singing and marching.

As time went, one by one, many friends and believers left us as hardship came. But the march was going on and big groups of people suddenly left when we had to cross a big river and it pained us all. But courageously the rest of us were marching, and all of a sudden, we came upon a high perpendicular mountainous rock, which we had to pass over. At this juncture, some of my children wavered and kept aloof far away from the rock with most of the ‘faithfuls.’

My wife and I, and a few others were moving on slowly and faithfully and we came very near to the rock. The former courage, joy, and speed had by then left most of us. The face of the rock was almost smooth with no cavities or juttings to step on, or hold on to and climb. Moreover none of us were mountain climbers, so there was absolutely no way of going up the rock.

And so when we raised our heads and looked at the great rock reaching up to heavens perpendicularly, even my wife and others too relented, saying, ‘How is it possible to climb over?’ They stopped and I moved on alone for a short while, and then a voice said, ‘Only faith on God’s Word will glorify you.’ With this voice, I was awakened and the vision left me.” (A quote from Stumbling Block, 1980.)
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2. A striking and exciting Vision on April 3, 1980

“Very early in the morning, the Lord woke me up 3 o’clock and suddenly a vision rose before me. In the vision, I saw a very big, but very, very long silver, fishlike aeroplane, flying at a terrific speed like a flying saucer towards me. The cockpit of the plane was dazzling bright like the sun, and it’s body was shining with electric lights. The colour of the plane was silvery.

Another small vehicle like the landing vehicle on the moon, flew (rolling and rolling) close and parallel to the aeroplane, and was giving out each particular of the plane’s flight to an unknown destination. I heard close to me many voices shouting, ‘Oh, the plane has come to pick up Brother Lawrie.’

Suddenly the plane appeared to descend and land on a nearby aerodrome. Some of the people standing near me but whose heart was not rooted deeply on the Word, saw this apparent descent of the plane, and attracted by it’s beauty and lustre, rushed to the aerodrome to see it. The rest of the people who were firm on the Word stayed with me. Quite unexpectedly the plane without landing on the aerodrome came straight to me. And all those who had dashed off to see the plane at the aerodrome were never seen afterwards.

But just then as if by a miracle, people who were far away in different countries, and whose heart being rooted firmly on the Word was one with mine, were found running towards me to board the plane along with those who stayed with me. So you will see it is the heart condition that matters most and not any amount of sweet ‘lip-homage’. After the vision, a great light was on me, and I couldn’t sleep the rest of the morning. You must ponder seriously on this vision and find out for yourself it’s deep impact and true meaning.” (Quote from Newsletter, April 3, 1980.)
From the True Translation of his letter dated October 10, 1986

Here on the night of Friday, July 11, 1986, I dreamt a dream in which I saw Bro. Lawrie as being seriously ill and bed-ridden. Then it appeared as though he passed away and placed in a coffin. All the people seemed to be crying for sorrow. The charge of the ministry was being handed over.

At this unexpected turn of events, I was extremely sorrowful and prayed with tears, “Lord, what will become of the faith of the hundreds of thousands of Bride members? They have been believing that Christ the Son of Man would overcome death and are waiting for Him to take them in Glory.”

As I was thus praying, all of a sudden, Bro. Lawrie rose up and stood and proclaimed with a loud voice, “I died once, but rose again and I live for ever more. I will no more die”. The face of Bro. Lawrie at that moment was bright and white as the sun, and his body was like a white cloud. On seeing this I praised God spontaneously and I woke up.

Again, last week while I was going on my bicycle to my school, I heard the voice of someone telling me repeatedly again and again, “Lawrie is Christ, Christ is Lawrie”, “Lawrie is Christ, and Christ is Lawrie”.  Then I understood the meaning of the Word, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God” (John 1: 1).
In 1929 Brother Dale had a vivid life-like vision of the glorified Christ. With tears in his eyes he would tell about the person he saw that He was so beautiful, more than he could describe. He says the person he saw was not a white man. The hair was snow-white and feet like polished brass, and he was dressed like a man from the east. He was sitting cross-legged on a cloud coming across the sky, descending to the earth. When He came near the place were Brother Dale was standing, He turned His head and looked straight at him. Forty years later Bro. Lawrie came to that spot after God ‘came down’ in him. Brother Dale recognized the person he saw in that vision as Bro. Lawrie, in his Glory.
Bro. Sashikant from Ahmedabad, Gujarat State who came to the Ashram in 1971 tells about the vision his wife had:

I heard the thundering message that our Lord Jesus Christ came down on the first moon-landing day in July 1969 and that he was bodily tabernacled in Bro. Lawrie.  When I heard it, I could immediately understand it and believe it. But when I told my wife about it, she could not easily take it.  She had her doubts of how God could come into a man.

Then one evening, she had a vision in which she saw the Lord Jesus Christ descending on the  Mount of Olives and the mountain split into two.  As she watched Him coming down the mountain and reaching the bottom, she found it to be a different man.  She was telling me about the vision she had and at this juncture Bro. Lawrie himself who had come to our city of Ahmedabad entered our house.

My wife immediately shouted, “This is the very man I saw in my vision”.  Her doubts were cleared and she immediately accepted the message of the Lord coming down on the Moon-landing day.  After this, it took us no time to sell all our belongings, leave everything and come to the Ashram early in 1971.
Sashikant P. Christian, Gujarat
(A One-time inmate of Manujothi Ashram)

My wife and I arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the 5th December, 1972 from the city of Kennewick, Washington, about three weeks after our wedding. We came to Ann Arbor with no plans whatsoever, but simply trusting in the Lord. On the first night of our stay in Ann Arbor, I saw a dream in which I saw Bro. Branham standing before a group of people with a book entitled ‘Son of Man’ in his hand and speaking to them that the message of Bro. Lawrie contained in that book is deep and much condensed.

In the morning I told that dream to my wife. Both of us were much surprised by this dream, because we hardly talked or thought about Bro. Lawrie’s message. This inspired us both to read the messages contained in the book, ‘The Son of Man’, which Bro. Roger Gerard of Tucson, Arizona had felt led to give me about 9 or 10 months earlier, along with some other books containing Bro. Lawrie’s messages……….

……….Inspired by the dream, my wife and I, as stated earlier, prayerfully read the book, ‘Son of Man’. The Lord immediately opened our eyes to a few deep truths, which made us hungry and restless to know more about Bro. Lawrie’s message. We began to pray day and night about it, and the Lord soon answered our prayer.

About a week later, the pastor of the First Apostolic Church we have been attending in Ann Arbor, received a book entitled ‘Gleanings from The Spoken Word Books’ from Bro. Lawrie. The Lord so arranged that this book came into our hands for a few days. This book convinced us that Bro. Branham’s message was to forerun the ministry of Bro. Lawrie.
I would like to share with the readers, a vision which the Lord gave me in 1969, to prove the ministry of the Son of Man, which certainly strengthened my faith in the present ministry of God coming down for His Bride. One evening, as I was lying down, I saw in the vision, Bro. Lawrie coming out of a room dressed like a bridegroom and he was thronged by people drawn from different nations who shouted, ‘Here comes the man of Jesus! Here comes the man of Jesus!’ Hearing this, I was also shouting, ‘Here comes the man of Jesus!’

This vision boosted my faith considerably, and confirmed to me that Bro. Lawrie is the chosen vessel of God into whom He has descended as the Bridegroom to gather the Bride for rapture. This vision, in addition to the many vindications - rainbow around the sun and the moon, lightning, cloud, thunder - in literal fulfillment of the Word of God, enabled me to stand firm for the truth, especially at a time when many stumbled over trivial matters and left the ministry with the impression that it is not of God (Rom. 9:33).

I resigned my lucrative job in a leading bank in India, and have been serving the Lord ever since. During my visit to the Middle-East, and other countries in Europe, the Lord enabled me to distribute the books, ‘Son of Man’ and ‘The Moon-landing Messages’ - along with Bro. Deva-Evu Lawrie, the eldest son of Bro. Lawrie who was also in the touring group - in many of the denominational Churches, including the famous Peter’s Cathedral and Museum in Vatican, Rome
Priscilla Dorcas Samuel, B.A. (Late)
Praise be to Christ Jesus, our Lord.  I belong to a sub sect of the Hindu religion.  One day, my father Mr. E. Chelliah was chanting aloud some songs from Arul Nool - a book of devotional songs.  As I was joyfully listening to the song, my eyes opened and I saw a wonderful vision.

In the vision, I saw a meeting going on conducted by Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie and I felt I too was taking part in it.  In the meeting I saw Bro. Lawrie standing on the wooden platform preaching.  His eldest son was interpreting for him into Tamil. Suddenly a wooden plank on the platform broke and I found Bro. Lawrie and his son standing in mid-air without falling off.

Then when the others warned them that they stepped on to the other side of the platform. Immediately all the people in the meeting were surprised and said, "Surely God has come down into Bro. Lawrie".  I saw Bro. Lawrie immersing me in a pool of water and blessing me.  Then the vision ended.

The next day a nobleman in the next village came to our village and said about a miracle he had seen in a meeting he had attended the previous evening.  He said the platform was put up above a dry well.  The speaker Bro. Lawrie and his son were on the stage preaching when a wooden plank broke into two and fell down.  But both of them did not fall down into the well and were standing in the air. Then they stepped onto the other unbroken side.

Since this is the same thing I had seen in my vision, I told my father about it and immediately our entire family went to the Manujothi Ashram and found out the Lord in our lives. We then decided as a family to devote ourselves for the cause of the Word of God and be true to it.
Miss. Thangam Chelliah
(Extract from the PREFACE by Bro. J.W. Arulanandham to the book “The Last Trump”)

In this connection, it would not be out of place to mention a wonderful vision I had about two years ago. On the night of 13th November 1970, I had gone to bed and almost immediately dozed off. Within a few minutes, I was somehow disturbed and woke up. For quite sometime afterwards, I could not sleep, and was simply rolling in the bed. So, I got up from the bed, went into the next room, (My office room), and laid myself in the easy-chair there, and immediately fell into a trance.

Suddenly I saw a vision, in which Brother Lawrie appears seated opposite to me and asking me “How do you do?” etc. Within a few seconds, his facial expression changes, a sort of contraction appears and I feel something unusual is going to happen. I cry, “Brother, Brother, what is the matter?” There is no reply. But in the place of Brother Lawrie’s face there appears a divine face, and His body also disappears, giving place to a bright dazzling light. As I am witnessing these changes appearing in quick succession, almost in the twinkling of an eye, the realization comes on me, that Brother Lawrie has been transfigured (Glorified), and I began to shout, “Praise the Lord,” “Praise the Lord.”

Though some abnormally heavy and mysterious pressure tries with all its might to restrain me from shouting, I overcome it, and closing my eyes, shout through with all my strength, I don’t know how long I had been shouting like that, but when I opened my eyes, the lights had gone out, and I call, “Brother, Brother,” From behind Brother Lawrie puts his hand upon my shoulders and says, “Here am I.” Immediately, I came to and the vision disappeared.

It was 12:30 A.M. on 13th to 14th November 1970. I can boldly say that God had specially moved me from my bed to the next room, where I was alone, just to give me this vision, and the vision had been given by Him to confirm that the Son of Man would be glorified first. How can anyone who saw such a vision, or anyone who hears and believes it, go after the world?
J.W. Arulanandham
Franklin Jayasingh Bedford
Teacher, Industrial Estate
Karur, Tamil Nadu
One Bro. Chelladurai hailing from Kanyakumari District, a Driver in the State Transports of Kerala had a dream regarding the departure of Bro. Lawrie. He testified about it in the Camp Meetings in July 1988 at the Manujothi Ashram.

In his dream he saw Bro. Lawrie getting quite old and looking old.  Then he was not to be seen for sometime.  When he showed himself up again, he still looked as old as the same way he appeared first. Then the ministry was handed over and passed on.  Then in no time he saw that Bro. Lawrie was transformed into a youthful person and glorified.
(From the Testimony of Sis. Martin attached with the letter dated May 5, 1991)
I was born in Asansol, West Bengal (India) to parents belonging to a denominational Christian family and was brought up in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  My husband, Mr. Albert Martin was a follower of the Message of Bro. William Branham the Prophet. When I received the Lord Jesus Christ, I was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thereafter I found the Message of Bro. Branham to be true and had the revelation that he is the Elijah, Seventh Church Messenger and the Forerunner to the Second Coming of Christ.

In 1984 my husband received and accepted the Message of Bro. R. Paulaseer Lawrie seeing that it aligned with the prophet’s Message.  My husband tried to explain this new message to me, but I could not understand and accept it for years until the year 1990. On the 6th of October 1990, I had to undergo a major abdominal surgery which lasted two and a half hours. During this surgery, I had a wonderful experience with the Lord God which I am giving below.

I was administered anaesthetics and was losing my consciousness when my eyes opened and I saw a great Light. The Lord God started showing me His Great plan of Redemption from the creation and the blueprint of God’s plan. I saw the Supreme sacrificial Lamb as though slain from the foundation of the world (Isaiah 53: 1-12, Revelation 5: 6, 13:8).  I could see the blood of the Lamb covering the whole earth and hear simultaneously thundering sounds.

The vision gradually led me to see the Seven Church Ages right from the first Apostolic Church (Ephesus) led by its Messenger, Apostle Paul. There was light in that church which started dwindling until there was near total darkness in the Seventh Church Age (Laodicea) led by its Prophet Messenger, William Branham.

I asked the Lord to show me the True Church.  Then the Lord showed me some spots of light here and there flickering amidst the darkness. Then the Lord revealed that just as John the Baptist, the Forerunner introduced Jesus Christ in the First Coming, William Branham as the Forerunner had introduced Christ, the Son of David.

Then I asked the Lord to reveal to me clearly the person of Christ, the Son of David. The Lord questioned me, “Do you really want to see?” and I replied, “Yes, Lord”. I already knew from the Scriptures that Jesus was NOT of the seed of David since He was conceived of the Holy Ghost in the womb of Virgin Mary. But it was David’s physical seed that was to sit on the Throne (II Samuel 7: 12-17, Psalm 89: 3, 34-37, Psalm 110: 1-7, Luke 1: 32-33).

Then the Lord quenched my thirst to know the truth by revealing to me that Bro. R. Paulaseer Lawrie is the Son of David who will sit on the throne as King of Kings. The Lord revealed to me about the East meeting the West. He made me understand that Bro. Lawrie being baptized of Bro. Branham was the Word meeting the Prophet in the water.

The Lord also revealed to me the NEW NAME (Revelation 3: 12, 14: 1, 19: 11-16) and that I should remain a chaste virgin undefiled by any denomination until the Rapture (II Corinthians 11: 2, Revelation 14: 4). I was filled with tremendous joy and awesome wonder at this revelation during the course of my surgery. But I still had more questions.

Therefore I questioned the Lord that if Bro. Lawrie is Christ, the Son of David whom Bro. Branham had introduced, how could I know that he comes in the lineage of King David, of the Tribe of Judah which was taken into captivity. (The Scriptures tell us that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the one that loosens the Seals and reveals the Thunder mystery (Revelation 5: 5, 22: 16, Hebrew 7: 14, Genesis 49: 9-10).

No sooner did I complete my question than I saw that I was soaring up higher and higher vertically and not as an airplane which takes off at an angle.  I was afraid to open my eyes because I knew that if I fell from this great height, I would be shattered to pieces. But my landing was very smooth and I was made to sit on soft feathers. I found myself seated comfortably even though I was on top of a very high mountain.

The glare of the Light was penetrating my eyes at first and so I could not open my eyes immediately.  After sometime, I blinked my eyes and slowly opened them. I could see a silvery white meandering line taking a circuitous journey (like a meandering stream) beginning from King David and ending at a point which coincided with the revelation of Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie as Christ, the Son of David.  I again questioned the Lord how this could be since he is of sinful stock through Adam, born of flesh and blood just like any other man.

Then the Lord said in a powerful and gruff voice, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways (Isaiah 55: 8).  Man’s thinking is just the opposite of God’s thinking.  Who are you to question my choice? I have chosen him to be the stone of stumbling and a rock of offence to the disobedient and unbelievers.  But to the chosen Bride (believing and seeing people), he is a living stone, the Chief cornerstone and is precious (I Peter 2: 1-10).

The Lord further revealed that he is of the good figs, the tribe of Judah carried away captive (Jeremiah 24: 1-7, 29: 1-14) and he is called the Righteous Branch (Psalm 80:15, Isaiah 4: 2, 11: 1, 60: 21, Jeremiah 23: 5, 33:15, Zechariah 3: 8, 6: 12) and the Root and Offspring of David (Isaiah 11: 10, Romans 15: 12, Revelation 22: 16). The vision too pointed to me that when the Lord turns back to the Jews, the focal point of their gathering would be the same Christ, the Son of David, which is Bro. Lawrie.

At this juncture, the whole scene of Bro. Lawrie’s visit to Asansol in 1986 to dedicate my son came into view before me thus confirming that he is the Son of David, King of Kings and Lord of Lords who visited our humble abode. (His visit was vindicated by thunders and lightnings then and a rainbow around the Sun was seen for three consecutive days at Asansol).

A jigsaw puzzle was placed before me and I had to place the one and only odd piece in the proper place to get the complete and beautiful picture.  One single mistake on my part would ruin the whole picture and it was a question of life and death to me. At that moment I realized that I had little time left for taking such a vital decision.  I had no alternative but to make a choice that would fit in correctly.

Therefore I took the piece carefully and placed it correctly in the vacant spot wherein it was written LAWRIE - SON OF DAVID.  Immediately there was great rejoicing in heaven and I was filled with great joy and peace. I understood for certain that this is the only truth for Eternal Life. Immediately the vision was over and I came to.

When I regained my consciousness, I found that the surgical operation I underwent was just over.  Though it was of a serious nature, I recovered fast to the utmost surprise of all the doctors, nurses and the staff of the nursing home where the surgery took place and also my relatives and friends. Today I am leading a perfectly healthy life because the Surgeon of surgeons operated upon me.  I thank and praise God for the wonderful healing and more so for the wonderful revelation of the Son of David.  I pray that this testimony may increase the faith of every bride-member of Christ Jesus.
Sister Dolly Martin