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Farewell speeches at the Funeral
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At the funeral which took place on February 26, 1989 thousands were present. Many of them spoke about their connection with Bro. Lawrie and the ministry and the Ashram. There were people of other religions and also those who were benefited by his help also present. Since it will make it too long, we give a few speeches below for the people to see.
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From the Speech of Mr. A. J. Franklin
(Former Principal of Scott Christian College, Nagercoil and Cousin of Bro. Lawrie)
“I was a 17 years old boy when I lost my dear mother. Only from one person I had received a condolence letter and that was from my dear cousin Brother Lawrie. He was not in the place were I was. I was in Nagercoil, he was hundreds of miles away in Sri Lanka. But within a very few days, I had a condolence letter and really, I was consoled very much by what had been written in that letter. Profusely there were quotations from the Bible. I was quite new to the Bible in those days. And really I tell you boldly now, how I was extremely consoled by those words my Brother Lawrie had written. Then I knew there was something different in that man.”

“I had not seen him before that. Though he was my father’s own brother’s son, I had not had the chance of meeting him, but had heard quite a lot about him. I had heard that he was a brilliant student in the Madras Christian College, Madras and that he was a very brilliant footballer; but still I had not the privilege of meeting him. So under these circumstances, when he had written me such a consoling letter, I knew that there was something different in this man. This letter not only brought me nearer to him but also nearer to God. It is after that, that I heard much about his ministry, how he had chucked off the very good job that he had in the Vellore Medical Mission.”

“I found in those days that he was a great speaker, one of the most powerful missionaries that I had ever heard. I tell you the truth ladies and gentlemen that even when he was praying, I used to be feeling a kind of shock in me. This is exactly what my wife had also told me, particularly when he had laid his hand on her head and prayed, she had felt it. Again we both had felt it whenever he was speaking in great meetings.”

“He wanted to carry this message far and wide. He went overseas and he was popular even in the European countries. Maybe I don’t know whether he had travelled in France in those days. When I was travelling in France I had the chance of speaking with a French man who had been doing then some missionary work. And in the tube train as we were discoursing, the subject that came from him was, if I had known Brother Lawrie. It was he who put that question if I had known Brother Lawrie, because he knew that I was an Indian. So Brother Lawrie was a man who had taken God’s message far and wide.”
Speech of Mr. Earnest R. S. Durai
(Close Family friend of Bro. Lawrie for the past odd 50 years)
“Sister Eben, Evu, Aseer, Dayavu, members of the family, and my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. We are gathered here today to thank God for the life of the Greatest Evangelist of all time. I have known Brother Lawrie for the last 40 years. I visited him in C. M. C. Vellore, where he and his wife had fine jobs. They left their jobs to serve God. They even tore up their certificates, so that they may not go back again (to their jobs) but depend totally on God.

I have been in Madras for almost 40 years and attended practically all meetings conducted by various people. I can say without any hesitation that God has used Brother Lawrie in a most mighty way. No person has brought lakhs (A Lakh is a Hundred Thousand) and lakhs of people to God, other than Brother Lawrie. God has healed lakhs of people through Brother Lawrie. God has filled lakhs of people with the Holy Spirit through Brother Lawrie. God has delivered lakhs of people from evil spirits through Brother Lawrie.

Many people do not know about the Holy Spirit. It is Brother Lawrie who brought this out from the Bible, and made many people receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. My wife and I have come to know God through Brother Lawrie. And I know personally, that several people are now conducting their own independent ministries, who were saved during Brother Lawrie’s meetings. The greatest revival came to Madras through Brother Lawrie’s ministry.

Some of you may have been in Madras in the early sixties. And it was most thrilling to see those meetings. Brother Arulanandham is here, with whom I have been associated for a long time. And we cannot say anything because it was the Holy Spirit who was in charge of all the meetings. Even the Commissioner of Police who attended the meetings said that without a single policeman there is so much silence and orderliness in these meetings.

I think we can go on speaking of all that God has done throughout India for us through Brother Lawrie. But the greatest tribute we can pay to Brother Lawrie is that our lives must be pure in God’s sight. Let us re-dedicate our lives to serve God and follow the good and noble examples set forward by Brother Lawrie. We will pray for this ministry, for sister, for their children and their families, that God will continue to use them for his glory and honour. May God be with us“
Speech of Mr. Pauli Mossess
(Childhood friend of Bro. Lawrie)
My dear people, I thank God for allowing me to speak today. Brother Paulaseer Lawrie was my bosom friend. From childhood we used to play and roam around together. We were three friends always as a clique and we called it the H.P.M. Clique. Henry, Paulaseer, Moses. And Mr. Henry is also here now.

Even at a small age he (Bro. Lawrie) always desired to go separately and pray alone. In those days we three together made a vow not to smoke or consume liquor. In the same way, wherever we went to work we kept this promise. And Brother Paulaseer was a very great player. When playing football, Paulaseer could score goals at will. In the same manner he could accomplish God’s will when he began to preach the gospel of God. And I can say that he scored many goals for the Kingdom of God.

He never showed any difference between a Christian, Muslim or a Hindu. And he was teaching them about the Kingdom of God. And he had the opportunity to become a great man even in his childhood. He is with us even now. And the duties which he has left for us to do, let us all join with his family and fulfill those obligations. Thank you.”