God came down to earth on Moon Landing Day and has revealed Himself as Son of Man, Son of David, Lord God, First born, Son of God, Man Christ Jesus, Root and Off-spring of David, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Narayana, Supreme Purusha, Saviour etc.
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Deva-Evu Manujothi Lawrie, the eldest son of Brother and Sister Lawrie was born on May 3, 1948 at his mother’s village called Nallur, Tirunelveli District.  He found out the Lord Jesus Christ early in life at the age of 8 in May, 1956 during his father’s missionary tour to Sri Lanka. Thereafter he had taken keen interest in ministerial matters encouraged by his father and mother.

He took part in all ministerial activities which his age would permit. He was encouraged to read and study the Bible which gave him a good knowledge of the Bible. Later he started testifying and singing in the meetings and conventions addressed by Bro. Lawrie. After Bro. Lawrie had met Bro. Branham in 1960 and started teaching the deep things, he was re-baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Acts 2: 38 on December 31, 1963.

During his college days when he was on a holiday visit to Manujothi Ashram in 1966 at the age of 17 his father gave him the book “Seven Church Ages” and told him to give it priority and finish reading it immediately.  After he sat and read it continuously and finished it in about 4 days, most of his doubts had cleared.  Thereafter he started checking every doctrine with the Holy Bible according to the teaching of his father.  He was always watching for Types and Shadows and Patterns of the Bible before receiving any doctrine.

In October 1966, when he was going to attend one of the meetings at Bitragunta, Andhra Pradesh that he was reading the book titled “The Life that Pleases God”.  This book touched him deeply and made him give up his University Studies right in the middle and start on the full-time ministry in October 1966 at the age of 18.  Thereafter he was helping the father in the ministry. He was also involved in the administration of Manujothi Ashram and took care of it when the parents were away on ministry.

He was the youth leader and was active in evangelization. He used to take youngsters of the Manujothi Ashram to nearby villages to conduct meetings and preach the Gospel, pray for the sick. People were led to the Word of God and True baptism with cooperation from fellow workers. All this was done according to the instructions of his father.

Apart from preaching, he used to help his father in translating his English speeches into the vernacular - Tamil. He was also interpreting for visiting preachers from abroad. He was actively involved in correspondence too and used to send out letters, newsletters and book-packets according to the needs of the people.

In 1968, he was married to a God-fearing girl called Anandha Joy who had the experience of Salvation and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  She was a woman of prayer and of great patience. She taught the children to read the Bible and pray and trained them in the Godly way. She was prepared of the Lord to be a great help to Deva-Evu in the ministry in many ways.

At times when he was discouraged, Joy used to encourage him to stand true to the Word and move forward no matter come what may. Whenever they encountered problems in the ministry he used to get together with his wife and pray earnestly.  Most of those prayers were answered. She used to help him out with correspondence too.

In 1969 when Bro. Lawrie returned from USA with Bro. Roger Gerard and his wife there was this new message of God coming down into Bro. Lawrie on the first Moon-landing day. This, Deva-Evu could not comprehend fully since it was his own father. He first had the wait and see attitude of Gamaliel who said “If this is of God, it will stand” (Acts 5: 39). Then when the Moon-landing messages were explained to him with Scriptural Types and Shadows he was convinced and could understand and agree with them.  But he had some questions unanswered in his mind.

For the unanswered questions, he started searching the Scriptures. He also started studying intensively the messages of Bro. William Branham to find out what he had to say because he was said to be the forerunner to the Second Coming of Christ.  Then he could see a clear pattern emerging from the Scriptures about the Second Coming of Christ taking place at the time of the Moon-landing.  He also could see that Bro. Branham had given plenty of clear hints and statements regarding this ministry.

When new revelations started coming from Bro. Lawrie, Deva-Evu used to verify every doctrine with the Scriptures since he was instructed by his father to do so. He was always striving to find a Scriptural foundation for every doctrine and incident in the ministry since True believers are satisfied only with Scriptural explanations and evidences. For this cause he had to face much opposition and persecution and hatred from amongst fellow brethren.

            In the Book of Daniel too, we find that King Darius was favorably disposed towards Daniel.  But in spite of it Darius had to send Daniel to the den of lions, yielding to the pressure applied by the Governors, Princes, Counsellors and Officers under him (Daniel 6: 1-28).  Daniel was true both to his God and also the king.

Similarly Deva-Evu wanted to be true to the Word of God and also to his father and the ministry. The Lord had placed a determination in him that he did not care about the consequences as long as the truth of the Word of God prevailed. It was of course difficult to hold his head high amidst all the fanaticism.  There were many that had offered him incentives for him to leave his father and the ministry. But he stuck to the Truth and also to his father till the end.

Deva-Evu used to fast and pray often whenever he was led of the Lord.  During a prolonged fast in 1985, his father Bro. Lawrie advised him not to ask God for any gifts. This was because he found many who received gifts from the Lord gave more importance to the gifts than the Truth of the Word of God. Therefore he advised him to ask God for 100% Truth (Whole).  Deva-Evu obediently did accordingly and asked God for 100% Truth. Though he underwent persecution in his search for Truth, he enjoyed the Peace of God in his life always.

He has preserved almost all the publications of the ministry. All the important letters Bro. Lawrie and Sister Lawrie had written to him are safe with him.  He also has kept safely the letters written to Bro. Lawrie by his father, mother, brothers and also his fan turned brother-in-law Mr. V.G. Raja Simeon in his younger days and etc.  They were given by Bro. Lawrie to Deva-Evu for safe custody.

Deva-Evu has traveled widely through many countries on ministerial duty both in the East and the West like a freelance preacher not attached to any denomination. This includes USA, Canada, UK, West European countries, East European countries, a few Asian countries, Egypt and etc.  Bro. Lawrie had told him to travel by faith, depending upon God alone.

As foretold by his father the Lord provided him places to stay, supplied his needs, enabled him to meet the Children of God wherever he went and return home safely even though he did not take enough money with him. This gave him rich experience and faith in God and His guidance. He has had some bitter experiences too in being turned away at certain places for disagreeing with those concerned.

Deva-Evu has been residing at Gandhinagar, Tirunelveli.  This is where Bro. Lawrie used to come daily to collect his mails from the Post Office. Deva-Evu has had the privilege of his father visiting him almost daily whenever he came to collect his mails. During his visits a lot of things used to be discussed which included problems in the ministry and also a number of Scriptural questions and doctrines.  Many times Bro. Lawrie used to advise Deva-Evu to exercise patience and wait on the Lord since a great blessing would be coming in the future.

When Bro. Lawrie passed away, people were at a loss to know what would happen next. Deva-Evu was praying earnestly for months for the Lord to reveal him what would happen in the future. The Lord was gracious and gave him a vivid vision showing that the secret of transformation would be known when the Son of Man would bring the dead in Christ back to the earth from Paradise for the first resurrection. This was found to be Scriptural.

In 2003 his wife Joy passed away and this was a great loss for him.  This affected him very much physically and also caused much depression which interfered with his ministerial activities for a couple of years.  But the Lord helped him get over it and overcome and now he has been actively engaging himself in the ministerial activities ever since.

The Internet Ministry has given a new turning point in the ministry for him to send out messages connected with the Second Coming of Christ throughout the world. E-mail messages have been sent to thousands of believers all over the world and many have been blessed by them. All the important messages are also hosted on this website: www.lawrieministries.net <http://www.lawrieministries.net>.

            The time is really short and it is time for the people of God to get to know the whole truth. Therefore this Biography brings out many things which he believes would open the understanding of the true believers to see the glorious heritage prepared for them that love God. Deva-Evu feels that it is a great privilege writing this Biography. The readers also will be blessed by it. God’s Word alone is true and will never fail.
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